An Open Letters Project for Hossein Derakhshan

Write to Hoder

You are invited to write a letter to Hoder.  June 15th has been designated Write to Hoder Day, in the hope that collective action each year that Hoder is in prison will bring attention and coverage to his continued incarceration, but you can write a letter at any time.

How to Write a Letter to Hoder

  1. Fire up your blog or open up a new Note on Facebook, start typing, and write a letter to Hoder.
  2. If you’d like to provide context for your letter to your readers, you can link to the Wikipedia entry for Hoder, to the news story of your choice, to any of the links in the sidebar, or to the Letters to Hoder About page for some background.
  3. If you’d like to share your letter with a link from this site, please drop a comment with the URL of your blog entry or Facebook note into this form and I will update the list (see FAQ, below).

Ideas for Letter Writing

It can be hard to write a letter to a stranger. General advice about writing to prisoners isn’t much help here because unlike a normal inmate correspondence, Hoder isn’t able to write back. You might find it helpful to look at the existing letters to see how other people have approached this.


1. Are there any rules here?

No. Write what you like. If your letter is something that one might characterize as “mean” however, I reserve the right not to link to it. Free speech means you get to share that opinion on your own blog, not any blog.

2. Do I have to write every year?

No. It would be nice if you did (or even better, don’t need to) but each letter counts and every letter will bring Hoder’s situation to a new audience and raise awareness. Each letter also adds to the archive of letters Hoder may wish to read whenever he is eventually able to.

3. Will Hoder see or get these letters?

This is a complicated question without a clear answer. I tried to address it here, but I don’t actually know. I take the approach that Hoder will not be able to read them until he is freed, though I hope he at least hears from his family that people have not forgotten him and are writing to him.

4. Can I contact you?

Certainly. I’m happy to help with any questions, collaborations or promotional ideas for this project. (Should you wish to know to whom you are writing, this is me.)


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